Installing a Rear View Camera

Installing a Rear View Camera on a 5th Wheel Trailer.

Our F250 has a full size Radio Slot, so we decided to install a Car Stereo with a Screen for a Rear View Camera and hook up a Camera at the Rear of our RV.


Car Stereo $150

Camera $7

Audio Cable 30 Feet $20

Switch $1

Female Cinch $1


I installed the Car Stereo in the original mount in the Dash. The radio was slightly larger than the opening, so I had to cut some of the plastic to get the Radio in.

The stereo plays DVD’s, but only if you connect the cable to ground, it plays when you are driving.

I put the wiring for the camera through the wall into the engine compartment. From there I brought it to the end of the truck.

With the Stereo you cannot turn the Rear view camera on and off, so I had to install a switch in den dashboard, that opens the wire to the camera. Otherwise I would only see the “NO VIDEO SIGNAL” picture.

I unscrewed the Socket for the RV connection and put the cable through it. Then I put the socket back on.


I secured the Camera with Silicon, to avoid drilling holes in the RV

The camera needs 12v. Because I didn’t want to install another wire, I took the power from the lights, so the camera only works when the lights are on.

It‘ saver to drive with light anyway.

I put the Chinch cable under the RV and secured it where the pipes and oher parts are.