RV Solar Panel Installation

  • I installed a 100W Solar Panel to Charge our Batteries.

bought the set, including the Panel, Charge Controller and 2 MC4 Connectors on eBay for around $150.

Following instructions on the Internet I put the cable through the fridge vent. That was a good choice.

For cable I bought thick cables at Home Depot.

[Not a valid template]Here are the parts and tools.

[Not a valid template]I connected the MV4 Adapter to the cable.

[Not a valid template]The brackets attached to the panel.

I unscrewed the cover of the fridge vents and put the cable through the cover. It was a bit tricky getting the cables through.

The brackets attached to the panel.
I have selected a place at the rear behind the fridge vent, because it has the least wind when I drive and the cable is not so long.

[Not a valid template] Here an overview.

[Not a valid template] Now the brackets are screwed into the roof. I used a lot of chalk, so that no water can get into the roof (hopefully).

[Not a valid template] The white cable is coming from the roof. I had to drill a small hole, so the cable can run into the RV. Everything is covered with a lot of chalk afterwards.

[Not a valid template] This is the solar converter. I have installed it in the electric compartment. It is directly wired into the points where the batteries are connected.

[Not a valid template] Here are the cables coming through the vent after it’s reattached. The screws are covered in chalk again.

[Not a valid template] This is the final installation.